Bicycle Mechanic Basics


Greetings fellow riders.

Today, Thursday, Feb. 9th, we begin our monthly ‘Bicycle Mechanic Basics’ class at Sirius Cycles. Over the years many of our customers have asked us when we will be offering such a class for novices and experienced riders alike.

For our first class today we will covering the some common checks you would want to perform on your bike bike before you go out on regular basis. The class will known as the ‘A, B, C’s of your bike, the Air, Brakes, & Chain. Participants will learn some tips how to properly inflate your tires to recommended pressure, Making sure that brakes are performing optimally, and how to properly lubricate your chain.

We will begin the group 6pm and end roughly around 7:15pm. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. All we ask that you bring your enthusiasm and any other questions you may have to the meeting tonight.

Sirius Cycles is located at:

2801 Rodeo Rd. Suite B-8

Santa Fe, NM 87507

(505) 819-7311 or (505) 819-7043


Enjoy the ride…